HopArt IPA™

Walking a fine line of sweet malt and assertive hop character. A hop presence so enticing it truly is a work of art. (7.7% abv). Brewed year-round.

Ingredients: Two-barley*, Munich* and Caramel 20* malts, Cascade, Centenniel, Nugget, Mt. Hood Hops.


*Certified Organic Malt

32/50 Kolsch

32/50 Kölsch™

Our take on a kolsch style ale that is soft on the palate with a delicate malt flavor. Balanced with a touch of wheat and honey notes .Dry and wine like with a flowery hop finish.
(4.8% abv) Brewed Year Round.

Ingredients: Pilsner*, Vienna*, Wheat*, Carahelle* and Carapils malts, Tradition and Halletaur hops.

*Certified Organic Malt


Blackbeerd, the Imperial Stout™

As dark as the legend of Blackbeerd himself, behold the Imperial Stout. Sweet malts battle roasted grain on the decks of yer tongue. Like a blast from a cannon, hop are followed by smoked malt. Hold on to yer booty, a dark stouts a brewin'.

(9.3% abv) Seasonal-winter.

Ingredients: Two-row barley*, Black, Caraffa*, Roasted barley*, Smoked, Oats*, Black Prinze andExtra Special* malts, Magnum and Palisades hops.

Barrel Aged Blackbeerd is designated by black waxing: Jack Daniels ('09), Buffalo Trace  ('10), JD and Buffalo Trace ('11), Blanton's (11/27/12). Blanton's 2nd Use (2013).


Rye Knot Brown Ale™

A full bodied dark brown ale. Intense malt character with a slight caramel sweetness. The chocolate and rye malts add to the rich roasted coffee notes. (6.2% abv) Seasonal-fall. This beer made us fall in love with chocolate rye malt. 1st seasonal we ever brewed and always our first fall beer.


Red Legs Scotch Ale™

Extreme caramel malts with smoky undertones. Hops and Heather combine for bitterness and a tea-like character. (7.8% abv) Seasonal-spring.
Blended Version 2011: 60% fresh, 40% 2 year old JD barrel aged.

Ingredients; Two-Row*, Pilsner*, English Pale, Munich*, CaraRed, Melanoidin, Smoke and Chocolate malts, Chinook hops and heather tips.



Honey Wheat Pale Ale™

     A true hybrid beer: both a pale ale and a honey wheat. Each keg brewed with 2 pounds of local honey from Bee City. Fermented at cold temperatures for a smooth, springtime brew.

(6.3% abv)
Seasonal- Spring.

Ingredients: Two-Row*, Pilsner*, Munich*, Munich Dark, Melanoidin, CaraWheat, Wheat*, Local Honey,Nugget, Amarillo and Us Hallertau Hops.


ALTerior Motive™

     Our altbier is crafted after the authentic, or sticke, style that originated in Germany. It is extremely malty, aggressively hoppy and cold conditioned for a clean, smooth finish. 6.3% abv

Ingredients: Munich*, Ashburne, and Pilsner* malts, German Perle and German Herbrucker hops.



DIS Dry Irish Stout™

     An easy drinking stout, light in body but rich in roasted flavor. 6% abv.

Ingredients: Two-Tow*, Munich*, Roasted Barley*, Special Roast*, Chocolate*, Black* and Flaked Barley malts. Glacier Hops and ale yeast.


Seasonal- Early Spring.


Dave Brown

   Some of the things David loves include peppers and his Big Green Egg. Dryhopped with home smoked jalapenos and habaneros. Brewed with brown sugar, with a nice light body. 6.9% abv.

Ingredients: *English Pale, *Carapils, *Caramunich, *Carahelle, Rye, *Oats and Brown Sugar. All Glacier hops.

2013- More Smoked Jalapenos and Habaneros, 3#/7bbls.

Winter 2014- Ghost, Chocolate Habeneros and Scorpion peppers.


AYE SB Extra Special Bitter™

     A traditional English style, brewed with all english malts yet fermented with American yeast. Dark copper in color and nicely hopped with an intense malt backbone. 5.8% abv.

Ingredients: Ashburne, 2-Row* and Victory Malts, Glacier and UK Goldings Hops and american yeast.



boy king label

the Boy King Double IPA

     A highly hopped, yet still balanced, double IPA. Multiple hop varieties, primarily Citra Hops, were used. We're lovin' the tropical goodness of this hop variety! 

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich* and Wheat* Malt, Citra, Chinook, Nugget, Cascade, Centenniel and Columbus Hops.

9.7% abv.  Seasonal.




Double IPA #2

     Dubbed #2 because we couldn't think of a name. We backed off the malts some to let the hops shine through. Lighter in color and body than HopArt with a ton more hops.

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Pale*, Carapils* and Caramel 20* malts, Millennium, Cascade, Nugget and Centenniel hops.

8.5% abv.Seasonal- Early Fall 09.


BlankLabelShip Porter, Smoked

     We took a classic Ameican Porter and brewed it with 40% Briess cherry wood smoked malt. Lower in alcohol to allow the maltiness through. Black in color, medium body, soft hops and intensely smoky.

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich*, Caramel 20*, Caramel 60*, Chocolate*, Black*, Extra Special* and Cherry Wood Smoked Malts, Mt. Hood and Glacier Hops.

5.8% abv   Seasonal- Fall.


Single Hop Series: All Cascade Pale Ale

     Classic American Pale but also brewed with Munich, Wheat and Rye Malts for a smooth body and a bit of spiciness. Only Cascade hops were used throughout, from the boil to dry-hopping. Highly Hopped!

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich*, Caramel 20*, Wheat*, and Rye malts. Cascade Hops. 5.5% abv. Seasonal.

First in our single hop series that began in 2009.


Single Hop Series: All Simcoe Pale Ale

     Classic American Pale but also brewed with Munich, Wheat and Rye Malts for a smooth body and a bit of spiciness. Only Simcoe hops were used throughout, from the boil to dry-hopping. Highly Hopped!

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich*, Caramel 20*, Wheat*, and Rye malts. Simcoe Hops. 6% abv. Seasonal.


Single Hop Series: All Chinook Pale Ale

     Classic American Pale but also brewed with Munich, Wheat and Rye Malts for a smooth body and a bit of rye spiciness. Only Chinook hops were used throughout, from the boil to dry-hopping. Highly Hopped! Classic Chinook grapefruity-ness. A bit more Rye than other Single Hop series.

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich*, Caramel 20*, Wheat*, and Rye malts. ChinookHops. 6.5% abv. Seasonal.


Single Hop Series: All Centenniel Pale Ale

     Classic American Pale but also brewed with Munich, Wheat and Rye Malts for a smooth body and a bit of rye spiciness. Only Centenniel hops were used throughout, from the boil to dry-hopping. Highly Hopped!

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich*, Caramel 20*, Wheat*, and Rye malts. Centenniel Hops. 5.7% abv. Seasonal.


Event Horizon Cascadian Dark Ale

     Beer brewed like a stout but with the flavors of an IPA.

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich*, Caramel 60*, Caramel 120*, Caraffa, Chocolate * Malts, Cascade, Citra and CTZ hops. 7% abv. Seasonal.

2010: Light roasted side of spectrum 2011: Darker, roastier side


the BELAFONTE. A Belgian.

     Fruity and spicy with a nice Belgian yeast zing. With 40% wheat, it's like a Witte meets a BPA meets a saison. Highly Hopped to boot! Incredibly refreshing and drinkable. Tribute to the ship in Life Aquatic. We love Bill Murray. Here he is looking into our grundy tank (not really).

Ingredients: Pilsner*, Wheat* and Carapils* malts. Czech Saaz hops. 5.7% abv.

2011: French Strisselspalt hops. 5.6%abv


Saison du Fus.

     Some of you know that Belgian/Sour/funky style beers are not our go to style. However, we do like to dabble in them from time to time. Commercially, this is our first saison and our first foray into the world of Brettanomyces- which to my science geek self- are incredibly cool yeast. Named for our old intern Shane who is indeed a dufus.

Funky and Fruity Tart and dry. 7.3% abv.


Harold is an American Stout!

     Harold may have a dark side but really he's very sweet!

Dark, sweet and creamy American Stout made with organic toasted oats. Not too dark and not too light makes a beer just right! Easy drinkin'.

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Honey Malt, Oats*, Dark Crystal*, Chocolate*, Victory*, Black*, Roasted Barley*, Carapils*, Caramel 60*, Chocolate Rye and Extra Special Malts. Glacier and Mt. Hood Hops. 6% abv. Seasonal.


Dead Arm Pale Ale

   Light malts let the aggressive hops shine. Ya know, West Coast Bro. 6% abv.

Ingredients: *Pilsner, * Vienna, *Wheat, *Carapils and *Oats. Cascade, Simcoe and Chinook Hops.

BlankLabelShip American Mild.


     Sort of like a hoppier English mild, but not really. Over 20% Carawheat. Glacier and Ahtanum hops. 4.9% abv.



Carnie Fire. A hoppy red.

     Heavy on hops with a slight caramel maltiness. Striking orange-red color. Big on Chinook Hops.

5 % abv. Seasonal.

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich*, Carahell*, Caramel 20*, Caramel 120*, Cara-Red, Black Malts.


Bulls Bay Oyster Stout. Foreign Extra Stout.

     Brewed with local oysters from Jeff Spahr at localoysters.com! Smooth and Roasty, briny (minerally and salty!??) that can only be attributed to the oysters. 5.8% abv. Seasonal.


More Consistenter.   5.5% abv.

    All Citra hop Pale.... True, it is a single hop beer but since it is not the same malt base as our series, we're calling it a different beer. More rye, big hops, lower abv.




Same Old, Same Old Red Pale Ale.

    Nice medium maltiness. Bright hops- Ahtanum and Cascade.

5.5% abv. Seasonal.


Session IPA.

     IPA level of hops but lighter malt body and lower alcohol.

4.7% abv. Seasonal. Ahtanum and Zythos hops.



Milk Stout.

     A sweet stout brewed with lactose. Mild roast, medium carbonation and a dry finish.   Highly drinkable at a nice 5.7% abv.


old nuptial

Old Nuptial Barleywine.

     Brewed with Rich and Scott of the Charleston Beer Exchange in honor of Scott's wedding....October 2009. Half aged in bourbon barrels for 18 months. Full of vanilla, toffee, wood and bourbon flavors. Luxurious. 11% abv. First release of half of this batch- May 2011. Second half of the same batch released Spring 2014. Sold out and no longer produced.




Export Scotch Ale.

   2 varieties of smoked malt with typical Scotch ale maltiness. All Glacier hops and low ABV. 4.5%

Ingredients: 2-Row*, Munich*, Pilsner*, Smoked and Chocolate* malts. Glacier Hops.


Shreddin' Wheat, American Hoppy Pale Wheat.

     50% Wheat, 50% Pilsner and either All Mount Hood hops or All Amarillo hops. Hoppy, lemony and refreshing with nice Noble hop characters. 5.5%abv

Ingredients: Pilsner* and Wheat* Malts, Mount Hood or Amarilol Hops.



Angry Mash Oatmeal Stout

     A big Oatmeal Stout brewed with over 20% organic oats. Creamy, roasty and way too drinkable for the abv. 9% abv.



Stand Up Stout.

     Easy drinking stout brewed with oats. Creamy and delicious. 6.8%


Smoked Rye Pale Ale.

     Mildly smoky with an incredible floral bouquet in both aroma and flavor. 5% smoke and 30% Rye. Ultimate Refreshment. 4.8% abv.

Ingredients: 2- Row *, Rye, Oats*, Smoked Malts.

December 2011: 20% fermented in 2nd use bourbon barrel and blended. 5%.


Wadmalaw Sunset


 Belgian Strong Pale Ale. Brewed with a boat load of local Wadmalaw honey. Pour one and go listen to "Waterloo Sunset" by The Kinks....your welcome!

Ingredients: Pilsner*, 2-Row*, Wheat*, Vienna*, Oats, Local Honey, Sugar, Mt. Hood, French Strisselspalt Hops, Orange Peel and Grains of Paradise. 7.5% abv.


Whole Milk Stout

           Beefed up version of our traditonal, seasonal Milk Stout. Double the lactose and with organic oats. 6.9%




Drew's ToeTally Awesome Pale Ale.

    Simcoe, Citra and Cascade Hops. Light Malts. For our friend Drew. 6% abv.



Anson Mills Rice Saison

Brewed for a Carolina Gold Rice heritage event in April 2014. Collaboration with Anson Mills. We used their Carolina Gold rice in 2 forms, hulled rice and a whole rice paddy. A traditonal French saison yeast was used to let the rice character come through as much as possible. 

8% abv.




Milk Stout.

A sweet stout brewed with lactose. Mild roast, medium carbonation and a dry finish.   Highly drinkable at a nice 5.7% abv.



Stand Up Stout.

 All the goodness of a middle of the road stout, wrapped into one. Bit of organic oats to round out the creaminess, all nicely balanced. 6% abv.




Vienna Wheat

     Light and refreshing summer beer with a bunch of Vienna Malt for a nice biscuit like flavor. Mount Hood hops.  5.5% abv.




BlankLabelShip Type I Pale Ale.                                                                                             


    Low alcohol, aggressively hopped pale ale. Simcoe and Chinook hops throughout. 4.4% abv.



Another Wheat

    40% Wheat Malt and 60% Pilsner Malt combine for a refreshing beer. All Cascade hops that pop.

Ingredients: *Pilsner and *Wheat Malts, Cascade hops. 7% abv.

*denotes organic ingredient