August, again.

August 5, 2014

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Every August I keep saying this has to be the last year in this hot warehouse without a proper tasting room setup. I am really hoping it comes true this time.

We are still not yet able to take full advantage of the new law because we are unable to meet the DHEC prep area requirements at this time. We just don’t have the space to fit it in our production area. After all, we’re here to make beer. When we got this space in ’07 we weren’t even allowed to have people in the brewery let alone have a taproom. We hope to remedy all of this when we eventually build the addition.

We’re excited for Charleston Beer Week, kicking off in a month. We’re doing various events around town but only one at the brewery: Whole Hog BBQ and Beer!

The expansion is going well.  All tanks should be filled by weeks end. You’ll start to see more seasonals coming, starting this week with Boy King. You are already seeing us at many new accounts from restaurants and bars to bottle shops and grocery. If you don’t see COAST at your favorite place, ask them to carry it or send them our way. We really thank you for your patience and we hope the wait was worth it.

The Boy King Double IPA will be released beginning Thursday, 8/7. Pints, bottles and growlers will be available as well as a cask! It’s been a while since we had time to devote to cask beer. We’re back at it and you’ll start seeing more of these. As always, served on our trusty beer engine here at the COAST.



No Words.

May 27, 2014

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Scratch that- too many words and emotion.

I always envisioned the day where all the ridiculous restrictions placed on breweries would be gone. It just happened a little faster than I thought.

In 2005,  I founded Pop the Cap SC to rid us of that ridiculous 6.2% abv limit on beer- and so we could open COAST and not have to move to NC to have a viable brewery. Of course it couldn’t stop there since so more had to be done. I renamed it the SC Brewer’s Association and started working on the  ability to have tastings, limited sales, etc….you guys know the story. Now, 9 years later we are on the verge of passing our 4th law and it kept me up most of the night. When you put your heart into something and it is finally realized, it’s utterly overwhelming. David and I have given this brewery and the beer industry in SC everything we’ve got-perhaps too much at times (ask our kids). When we started COAST in ’07 we had to also have full time “real” jobs. Palmetto generously let David continue to work there for almost 3 years while starting his own ! Thank goodness we were young, I’m not so sure we could pull it off now. If it weren’t for the tasting law in 2010 I doubt we could have stayed afloat financially. Now we are staring down the final law that will bust this industry wide open and finally let SC level the playing field a bit. All this just so we can build our small piece of the American dream.

It’s not at all ironic that this law passage would coincide with us finally, after a full year of crazy, bringing the new system online. Of course it would happen that way, all the hardwork realized at the same moment in time. This journey has been more difficult than I can say but I am happy that this phase is ending and a new, hopefully much more manageable and enjoyable one has begun. Cheers to that!

The bill still has to go through the House and Senate one more time but we are all confident it is a done deal.

I’m excited to announce my “retirement” from the SCBA and even more excited to announce the President Elect and Legislative Coordinator John Bauknight. John has been my better half for all things politics for a few years now. He’s better at it than me and is the perfect person for the job. Raise a glass of RJ Rockers to John and the next phase of the SCBA.

The list of thank-yous is quite long but I’ll start with:

Wesley Donehue and Push Digital

Brook Bristow

Senator Sean Bennett, the Pearlstine’s, Department of Commerce, and the list goes on.

More on this later, as all of this sinks in. Maybe celebrate a little.

End of a lovely October…Which I forget to publish and now it’s December….

December 3, 2013

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Apparently I forgot to hit publish last month….par for the course! I’ll add December’s and you can get caught up on 2 months in 1 read. What a deal.This year’s Barreled Blackbeerd will be released starting this Thursday 12/5 from 4-7.  2nd use Blanton’s bourbon barrels (from the 2012 version), aged 12 months. As to be expected, its a bit less bourbon kick, more oak. Perfect for drinking right now. We bottled 70 cases and sent 20 out to stores. Bottles are $15 and there is no limit aside from state law of 288 oz. total off premise purchase.

FiddleTree is December 14th and we’ll be serving up beer again this year. Great holiday event!

Here’s a sneak peek at the new 30bbl brewhouse, courtesy of Robert Donovan :                  robert new brewhouse


September and October have completely flown by and now we’re about to welcome November. Time flies whether you’re having fun or not :-)

Our expansion is in full swing to say the least. I’d say we’re smack dab in the middle of it. All equipment has arrived but only some as been placed and boy is it beautiful! Rounding the corner on electrical but still need glycol and water. Still so much to do but seeing a few tanks standing on their own has definitely boosted moral around here. Now is a good time to thank all of you. You have come to taproom hours (all whopping  6 of them a week) no matter the sad state around here. You’ve had smiles when we weren’t smiling much. You’ve encouraged us and have shown us support through all the inconveniences (with more to come don’t worry :) We Are So Thankful!

A sold-out Pint Pedal #2 is on for Saturday. We look forward to seeing all of you bike and beer loving folks. Most things will stay the same, hopefully tweaking some logistics for the better. Beer tickets will be sold outside this year, beer will be served inside.  RotiRolls will be  serving up some fine grub.

Cook It Raw was quite the culinary experience! We were honored to do 2 events and show some chefs Charleston crafted beer.









At Least It’s Not August Update!

September 12, 2013

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It’s September, it’s still hot, but at least it’s not August! We have been busting ass ’round here renovating. David, Mikey & Drew + 3 days + sledgehammers = the wall is gone! We made way for our new brewhouse and are so happy that part is done. Electrical is in process, plumbing hasn’t even begun and the equipment will be here soon….Yikes.

We were proud to sport the cover of SCBIZ Fall edition! Thanks to SC Biz for knowing that the craft beer movement IS important to South Carolina. Thanks to Timmons for making us seem way more important than we really are. And to Chrys for getting a picture of me where my eyes are open and no double chin! I’d like to add that even though the article focused on my work with SCBA, it’s because of David (and really Palmetto Brewery for being the 1st since Prohibition and forging the path) that really any craft beer is happening in SC.  I can say with absolutely no bias that he is the most hardest working and passionate brewer out there. 15 years and going strong. All of us good beer drinkers thank you.

A reminder that if you contributed to our local kickstarter , the goods are in! Please come Thursdays 4-7 or Saturdays 11-2. Or contact us for another pick up time.

We’re are so overextended so had to turn down a lot of cool events this fall. However, there are some great ones we couldn’t miss:

9/21: Awendaw Green Rhythm & Brew Fest

10/19: Kinkfolk Dinner at Deux Puces Farm

10/26: Cook It Raw BBQ Perspectives    So excited for this one. Ya know, if David weren’t a brewer he’d be a chef!




Muggy August Update

August 21, 2013

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WE HAVE THE INTERNETS! Which for us is the biggest update ever. Thanks to everyone who helped. You may have noticed our shiny new ipad POS system. Heck Yeah!

Now to the not so good news. For both financial reasons and the brevity of time and physical capabilities (aka we’re exhausted and can only do so much) the much needed taproom is taking a back burner. 100% of our efforts right now are going into getting ready  for our equipment……just a few short weeks away! Lots has had to be done to our building and infrastructure to be able to accommodate our sweet new 30bbl brew system. We want it done right and since it is all on us to do we need to focus on it exclusively. Thanks for your understanding.

We are not hiring right now. We receive a lot of resumes and we do put them up for possible future use but please understand that I can’t answer every email or letter about employment. We do thank you for taking the time and if ever needed, we’ll be sure to contact you.

Please like the SCBA page on Facebook. As we transition away from 100% legislative work we plan on utilizing it more.




(Most) Supporter rewards are in!

July 10, 2013

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Finally! Most levels are supporter campaign rewards are in. The $500 level, with it’s array of specialty bottles and koozie, is not complete yet (and therefore that portion of the levels above that will be missing the bottles as well).  All growlers, T- Shirts, pints are here. Photos for those who requested them will be mailed as expansion progresses. You may come to any tasting room hour, currently Thursdays 4-7 and Saturdays 11-2. Reminder that we are closed Saturday 7/13 and Thursday 7/18 for renovations.

July at the brewery

July 2, 2013

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In case you haven’t heard it’s hot, muggy and wet ’round here lately.  Surprising I know :-)

There are some changes to our tasting room this month:

We’ll be open on a not normally open Wednesday July 3 from 4-7 as well as 4th of July from 2 until the fireworks at Riverfront park begin around 9. North Charleston holds the largest fireworks display right at Riverfront Park- a mere 3/4 mile from the brewery. They’ll have lots of  music, food trucks and fireworks.

Closed Saturday July 13th and Thursday July 18th for some building renovations.

We’ll have an update soon on the taproom but this haven’t exactly gone according to plan……..

Most “Supporter” stuff has arrived except for the pints but they are on their way so we are anticipating pick up times end of week or next.

Cheers and Happy 4th!



Busy day here today, Saturday 6/22

June 22, 2013

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Pint Pedal Day! Yeah! it sold out almost immediately so I know you must be excited. Roti Rolls will be at COAST for some much needed grub (food truck open to all). We’ll see you all at 11am at Palmetto. Bikes and Beer…..our faves!

Releasing Saison du Fus in bottles ($15) and some special casks ($5 12 oz pour!! because we love you)!!- no draught of this beer. Funky, tart and dry this is our first foray into the world of Brett. If your wondering, Shane was our old long term intern (he still shows up sometimes :) and he really is a dufus! We don’t do a lot of these types of beer so if your down with this style, stop on by.

Today is the Holy City Beard and Moustache Beach Party.  We’ll be pint pedaling  so won’t make it to the beach but the after party is at House of Brews at 5. See you there!


Pint Bill and the future…….

June 3, 2013

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Yesterday, 5/23, was a big day for South Carolina beer. S.423/HB.3554 was sent to the Governor for signature! While we do feel we had to compromise more than what was fair, this is a huge victory for us. It opens the door to holding more on-premise events, educating more people on craft beer, more cash flow, maybe even more fun??!! When the law is in effect, you will be allowed to go to a SC brewery and have up to 48. oz on premise (so 3 pints). There are also a lot of regulations set for us to follow, so bear with us as we work those out and understand that breweries must follow these. These include certain signage, 48 oz. on premise limit with only 16 oz. of that total allowed over 10% abv. We also must sell at approximate retail value of other bars and restaurants.  See here for a list of the yea’s and the nay’s.

When I founded Pop the Cap SC (now the SC Brewers Association) 8 years ago, I thought I’d have these backwards laws turned around in no time (that’s my Jersey attitude for you). I was brought back to earth the first year I tried to even get anything introduced. I learned a lot through this process and learned how things really work and it hasn’t always been pretty. I then spent the next few years thinking we would never get to pints on premise but yet here we are. It’s funny- on one hand I’ve felt that breweries have always gotten the short end of the stick and that these are basic rights we should have and I’ve taken it very (too?) serious and then on the other hand I think… it’s just beer! I could have spent all these years curing cancer or saving children yet it was “wasted” on these basic beer rights.  Leave it to me to over think things :-) i’ll stop now and just try to revel in the glory of a pint.

The future of COAST: as many of you know, our little brewery had been maxed out production wise for a long time. We want to grow sustainably, both financially without overextending ourselves and by building a solid beer portfolio and customer base. No rush to send beer to the 4 corners of the earth for us. However, the time for expansion is here. We can’t wait to be able to service all the great restaurants and bars that we haven’t been able to for the past few years. Our new system arrives in the fall so we’ll be producing more beer near the end of 2013.  We’ll also be expanding into the building directly next door for the taproom, now that the law has passed!! This is big news as it’s air-conditoned! Will have a proper bar! With real seats!  And PINTS!I promise it will still feel like COAST, only better. In the meantime, we’ll be winging it with pints like we do now….just as soon as the law goes into effect. Stay tuned to FB and Twitter. Also, we’re having fun with instagram- though I can’t promise the pics will always be beer related.

As always, none of the above could have happened without the support of each one of you. And speaking of support, all Funding Charleston swag have been ordered, just waiting on delivery.





Our Local Kickstarter Wrap-up

April 14, 2013

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Whew. One more day to wrap up our local kickstarter through Funding Charleston.   I can really say it’s been an awesome experience.  Working on new designs with Fuzzco and being able to talk to folks about who we are and where we’re going.  While we didn’t reach our full goal, a lofty $40,000 we did hit 50%! The taproom will be that much better because of the 200 or so folks who believed in us.

Here’s a look back at the 10 reasons we thought you might like to support:

Reason #1: Reason #1: because you want a 1-of-a-kind growler that shows the love!

Reason #2 to support: Fully funded, the COAST taproom will be awesome. Pints (law allowing), books, music & a REAL bar! Craft beer culture at it’s best.

Reason #3 to support: Maybe your not that into beer but I bet you have friends that are. Our rewards make great gifts!

Reason #4 to support our local kickstarter: We are 100% family owned (my husband David (bearded dude in pic below and myself, Jaime).

Reason #5 to support our local kickstarter: Our 11 year old son says “you get cool stuff” like one of these shirts (but he really wants a skateboard with the pirate :)

Reason # 6 to support is a “BIG” one: Because someone out there really wants their name proudly displayed on a new, shiny, 60bbl tank. This would also work great for a local business (there is a few I can think of that I would personally LOVE to have their name on our tank). This is Bill Murray admiring the beautiful plaque of a generous someone on our tank!!

Reason #8 to support: We use certified organic grains because it’s important to us…and hopefully to you too! So your also supporting organic agriculture, for the people and the planet. Your the best!

Reason #9 to support: Because it’s Friday! And we are so grateful to have come this far….and $20K is right around the corner :-)

Final reason, #10, to support our local kickstarter. We hope you make friends, have a pick me up after a long day, enjoy that meal a bit more, celebrate a milestone; ……….all over a well made, locally produced craft beer. Or just beer- as we like to call it.


And now I see that I forgot #7…and shoot, that’s our lucky number :-)

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